Some people dream of being an entrepreneur with a successful business and lots of money in the bank. Others just dream of having a secure job and enough money to support their family. Everybody is different, and what works for one person won’t work for another. If you’re not sure which category you fall into, this post is going to focus on whether you have the right stuff to become an entrepreneur. Find out if you have what it takes by reading on!

The Ability to Relieve Stress

Being an entrepreneur can be stressful. However, if you carry stress around with you all the time, you’ll end up having a nervous breakdown or something. You can’t feel stressed all the time or you’ll make yourself ill. Make sure you don’t let stress affect you too much, and you have a good work/life balance to help you relieve it. If you work constantly, you’ll probably hinder your business more than help it as you’re burning yourself out and spreading yourself thin. Remember, you can’t feel anything you choose not to feel. Everything you feel is chosen by you. If you get stressed, it’s because you choose to get stressed. Choose not to get stressed and you’ll be fine! Deep breaths and logical thinking are a must in tough situations.

The Ability to Manage Money

Money management is a huge part of becoming an entrepreneur. It’ll take a while before you earn a decent amount of money. Chances are, you won’t be able to pay yourself very much if anything at all to start with. You need to be able to live off as little as possible, make wise investments, and keep money in the business. It’ll take a while until you can safely pay yourself a nice wage. Having a good accountant is a good idea, as they can give you valuable advice. You need to have self control, even if it feels like you have a ton of money rolling in. You need money for staff, bills, marketing, and other essentials, and then what’s left over should be kept in the business. What if business slows down? You’d need money to keep you going!

People Skills

As an entrepreneur, you’ll come into contact with all kinds of people. You’ll meet potential employees, business partners, and people you can work with. You need to make sure you can build up a rapport with these people to help your business. Strong relationships could present you with a lot of opportunities in the long run, so you must be a good person who can get along with others. First impressions count! Develop your people skills if this is something you’re lacking.

Good Hiring Skills

Hiring staff will come naturally when you’re growing your business, but you need to know who the best hire is. It’s always better investing a little more in a person to ensure that they are exactly what you want. HR outsourcing could be the answer if you haven’t got much time for things like this yourself. Your staff will make a big difference to your business. They’ll make or break it. They need to share the same views as you when it comes to your business and bring something to the table. Don’t try to save money on staff!


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A Knowledge of Marketing

Although you don’t need to be a fully fledged marketer, a knowledge of marketing will be helpful when promoting your business. This is a task best outsourced to a professional company, but knowing how to do it and a few effective methods can only do you good. You can learn a lot online, so take a look!

The Ability to Learn from Failure

No journey to success is smooth. There will be bumps and setbacks along the way, but you need to be prepared to learn from failure. Learn from your mistakes and use them to make your future endeavours stronger. That’s exactly what Richard Branson does!

The Desire to Learn and Improve

All entrepreneurs have the desire to learn as they live life and improve themselves. You can’t get lazy. Whatever industry you’re in will require constant learning. Whether you’re doing courses, workshops, or even just teaching yourself, it all helps.


You need to feel really passionately about your business in order for it to work. Your passion is what will drive you on when things slow down. You need to love what you do so you know that you’re in this for the long haul. Doing something for the wrong reasons won’t get you very far.

Ability to Spot Trends

Different trends crop up in different markets and industries, and spotting them is a skill. Make sure you get involved in new and exciting trends to do the best you can possibly do.

Know When to Take a Risk

All good entrepreneurs know when to take a risk. Business is all about taking risks. Playing it safe all the time won’t help you to grow your business or make a difference. That doesn’t mean you won’t be successful; you just might not meet your full potential. Know when to take a risk and make a decision. Decision making is an essential skill if you want to succeed as an entrepreneur!

Know When to Outsource

Know when it’s the right time to outsource. Outsourcing can save you a lot of time and money, and is a good alternative to hiring. YOu don’t always need to hire to get the job done; outsourcing can be just as effective and you don’t have any responsibilities to them. However, sometimes it’s best to hire. You need to weigh up the pros and cons to decide which the best route is for your situation.

So, do you have what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur? Some of these skills can be taught, whether you do a course or teach them to yourself. Some people were made to be entrepreneurs, and others weren’t. Just do what makes you happy – you don’t need to have a business to consider yourself a success.


People with small, local businesses don’t have the money or resources to market themselves in the same way as larger companies. And they probably don’t want to either, since they only want to attract local customers. However, if you need to focus your marketing efforts on the area surrounding your business, the tactics you can use are largely the same. The difference is that you will do them on a smaller scale to larger companies. But you can still do things such as using SEO, hosting events and email marketing. As a small business owner, you’re probably on a small budget. Try using some of these local marketing tactics to get the word out without breaking the bank.

local-business-streetLa Citta Vita

Local SEO

Just because you’re not hoping to attract people from all over the world, it doesn’t mean the internet isn’t useful for you. It’s still one of your most useful tools for finding new customers and keeping in touch with existing ones. When it comes to optimizing your website for search engines, you need to focus on your location. If you hire an SEO company specializing in local SEO, they will help you identify keywords and how to use them. It’s also important to pay attention to creating business pages on social media networks and to add your business to listings websites.

Event Marketing

Hosting an event is an excellent idea for a local business. You can use it as an opportunity to attract new customers and to network with big names in your industry. You can invite other entrepreneurs, investors and people from the press. You can stick to a small budget if you already have a venue, such as your store or office. Even just drinks and canapes can be a good way to network with people. You can market the event for very little too if you have a guest list. You just need to send invitations to the people you want to come, instead of marketing it to a wider audience.

Team Up with Other Businesses

Engaging in cross-promotion with other local companies can benefit you too. Team up with them to promote each other via special offers. For example, a neighboring store could hand out vouchers for your products whenever someone makes a purchase, and you could do the same for them. You could promote each other online too. It benefits both of you because you can advertise and offer something extra to customers.

Social Media and Email

Staying in touch with people online is just as important, if not more so, for a local business. You can use social media to promote events. You can allow people to “check in” when they visit and provide updates on your latest products. Use email to form a mailing list, which you can use to send out special offers to local customers. You could also let them know about events or just remind them that you’re there.

You can use many of the same methods as larger companies to market your local business, but with a different approach. Even if you don’t have much money to work with, you can achieve your goals.


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